Life insurance is the key to providing for your family after you’re gone, and choosing the wrong policy may leave them without the financial security they need. All insurance is important, but you should take care when purchasing your life insurance. Not all policies are the same, and so simply selecting an option from a drop-down menu on a comparison site may not deliver the cover you need.

For car insurance, comparison sites are a great way to get a measure of whether your current insurance company’s quote is reasonable. Life insurance can vary greatly from provider to provider, so you must read all fine print carefully to ensure your family will be covered and not simply buy the cheapest option.

If you’re struggling to compare life insurance policies online and don’t want to waste time going to each provider directly, here are five reasons why you should get on the phone and contact an insurance advisor at Be Money Savvy.

1. You can take your time and ask questions

When it comes to life insurance in particular, there is a lot of terminology you likely won’t have come across with other types of insurance. For example, you’ll see terms like level term and decreasing term, whole of life and term life. If it is your first time looking into life insurance, this terminology can be difficult to get your head around and things can start to feel complicated and a little overwhelming.

An insurance advisor will explain all of this terminology so you fully understand each option and what it will mean for you and your family. Our advisers are independent, and so they are more than happy to take the time to talk you through all your options, the different providers, answer any questions you have, and ensure you get a policy that is right for you.

2. You can ensure you’re getting the right cover

When you purchase life insurance online, you will likely have some doubt as to whether it was really the best policy for you, even if you meticulously read the fine print. Are you certain your family will be taken care of? Are you paying the right price? Do you fully understand what you need to do to ensure your family reaps the benefits?

An insurance advisor puts in all the hard work on your behalf, doing a more refined, thorough search of the market before presenting you with the policies that best suit your personal circumstances and budget. They also often have access to policies that aren’t made available directly.

Even if you go to an insurance provider directly, their ultimate goal is to make a sale for that company. So, you may end up paying more for cover or not getting the level of cover you desire. Our advisers will carefully assess your policy to ensure it matches all your needs.

3. You don’t have to fill in a million forms

Potentially the most annoying thing about comparison sites and comparing insurance is that you are required to fill out seemingly endless forms so they can get some understanding of the type of insurance you may need.

One of the big problems is that comparison sites often don’t ask the right questions and often make assumptions, which can lead to inflated prices or the wrong cover. This can be particularly frustrating, especially if you shop around at a few comparison sites, each with its own algorithms.

An insurance advisor will save you from these boring forms, filling out one application for you over the phone, clarifying any questions you might be uncertain about. This will make the entire process easier and faster, while ensuring all information given is correct and accurate.

4. You can talk over any concerns

A huge benefit of talking to a life insurance advisor over the phone is that it enables you to talk over any concerns you may have regarding any step of the life insurance process. You can voice your concerns directly and have immediate reassurance or advice given to you by a real person with only your best interests at heart.

Talking to an expert can eliminate these concerns so that your policy term is as stress-free as possible and you can be happy that your family will be taken care of.

5. You won’t get any nasty surprises

Although other insurance types are necessary for everyday life, life insurance is a particularly serious form of insurance. You need peace of mind that your family will be looked after financially in the event of your death. If you realise too late that your life insurance policy does not give the right cover, it could be financially devastating for your loved ones.

By working with an insurance advisor on the phone, you can rest assured that your personal circumstances have been carefully considered and your full requirements have been covered by your chosen insurance policy. In this way, you can be confident that your family will be able to cover any debt you leave behind, funeral bills, and have financial stability after your death.

6. This is an insurance policy you plan to use

When we purchase car or home insurance, we hope not to use it. Some people will buy cheaper cover, deciding to take on some financial risk themselves, such as when purchasing car insurance for a new driver. However, in most cases, life insurance is a policy we intend to use. While some purchase life insurance as another “just in case” insurance policy, many people purchase it with the intention that it will pay out upon their death.

If you fall into the latter category, don’t take chances by purchasing your insurance policy without talking to an expert. Our insurance advisors will ensure you get a policy that does exactly what you want it to.

When you talk to a knowledgeable advisor over the phone, you will find that they can take the confusion out of searching for a life insurance policy online and talk you through the best options that are really available to you with the right level of cover at an affordable price. They’ll take all your details once, and you won’t have to spend hours entering the same information on different websites, nor will you lose your progress if a site has a bug.

Being able to find your perfect life insurance policy over the phone is now more important than ever, and at Be Money Savvy, we ensure that you will receive the same regulatory protection as you would were you to meet an insurance advisor face to face. With financial cover as important as life insurance, an online comparison site simply isn’t good enough to present you with the right policy for you, and that is why you should contact a member of our friendly team today.