Life Insurance

Start thinking about the future

Plan for the long-term – for yourself, and your loved ones

We give you peace of mind for today, tomorrow, and the day after. The types of cover include:

Life only

Have financial security in place and ensure that your loved ones are in the best situation possible if the worst were to happen.

Critical illness cover

Anyone can suddenly be hit by a critical illness or injury. You have the option to be covered upon diagnosis, in the event of your death, or both.

Income protection

Always be able to pay your bills – even if you’re unable to work. Whether due to unemployment, illness or an accident, you can safeguard your way of living.

Family income benefit

A different type of life-insurance to protect your loved ones. Cover your family with cost-effective family income benefit, paid for a fixed period.

Guaranteed over 50s

Get your application accepted without endless medical tests or health questions. Feel assured with this guarantee from 50+, along with the protection of life insurance.

Funeral plans

Funerals cost more than you’d think. So, why not arrange and pay for it beforehand – and take away that big bill?

Personal medical insurance

Don’t let potential future health problems ruin your future. Know that any costs will be covered with private medical insurance.

Do the best for you

From an unexpected injury to planning for the end of your life, through Be Money Savvy you can make sure you’ve got the greatest policy in place to suit your situation – whatever the crystal ball holds.

An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you

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Choose a fitting price

Having to put a price on your life isn’t a fun process. But it has to be done to protect your future. We’ll help you pick a policy that reflects both your financial situation and personal circumstances.

Experience a tailored process

Whether you want a quick quote or an in-depth phone call, our service will match your needs. Its flexibility ensures that you can make choosing a life insurance policy work for you. Plus, we’ll avoid any jargon so you understand what you’re signing up for.

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