Look down any major street in the United Kingdom right now or indeed any street in most major cities around the world and an almost unrecognisable scene is what meets the eye. Once busy with people going about their day, our streets are now almost deserted as the draconian isolation measures have taken hold.

A collective fear also exists amongst the minds of the populace, as the death toll rises seemingly inexorably every day, meaning that even as we all sit in our collective, but altogether separate isolation, the prospect of not seeing loved ones again is more real than it has ever been.

A Real Culture Shock

What’s hit many so hard is the changes we’ve all had to make in terms of our freedom of movement, the way we work and even how we do our weekly shop. Even though some have taken it upon themselves to play down the threat that coronavirus presents, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to hold that belief, especially as the Prime Minister himself lies in hospital with the illness.

At times of crisis like these, we re-evaluate what society means and even our own mortality and with an estimated 8.5 million in the UK known to not have any life insurance in place, it’s a worrying time indeed. Without life insurance, your loved ones would be left to fend for themselves if something were to happen to you – a sobering prospect when considered in the cold light of day.

Provided For & Protected

Worrying about the health of those closest and dearest to us is hard enough without having to cope with the idea that they would have no financial support in your absence. The good news is that it’s not too late to get life insurance in place and even amidst the current chaos, the cost of a policy that would pay off the mortgage and pay a set monthly sum to your family for life, is still very reasonable.

Like most businesses in the UK, the insurance industry has been hit in many ways by COVID-19 and there may well come a time when the cost of life insurance will go up as a result. At present, however, life insurance policies can be put in place for a relatively low monthly cost.

A Prudent Move

Even before Coronavirus became headline news, getting a life insurance policy to protect your family was a prudent move. The fact is that thousands have died in the UK alone from the illness – meaning that a prudent move has become something of a no-brainer in terms of ensuring those you would leave behind are looked after financially.

We’re absolutely not trying to suggest that you should panic or that the threat posed by the virus is more than it really is – rather that you could consider life insurance for both your family and your peace of mind. It’s a difficult time for everyone, but when you know you’re covered, sleeping at night becomes that much easier.

If you would like to know more about how easy life insurance is to set up and the low costs that are involved, head over to our website www.bemoneysavvy.co.uk where you’ll find everything you need to know.

We hope you have found our blog useful. All that remains to be said is stay safe, stay home and before we know it, we’ll be out the other side of COVID-19.