About Us

Changing the way we see insurance

The story of Be Money Savvy

The insurance industry gets a bad rep. Traditional brokers are very sales focused, and our founders saw a gap in the market for something brighter. In April 2013, Be Money Savvy was born with the unique offering of insurance policies that put your needs first. Today, we’re a 100-strong team based in Manchester. And as the word spreads, we’re only getting stronger…


The majority of people who take out insurance fall into one of the following categories: paying too much, paying too little, being underinsured, being overinsured, or not knowing their current policy. But, it shouldn’t - and doesn’t - have to be like this. We remove the complexities from insurance by offering a fully transparent service.

Fully tailored

Nobody wants a doorstep salesman trying to sell the perfect policy. And few want to spend a never-ending amount of time online. So, we thought, why not strike a balance? We’ve developed a service that suits your lifestyle. There’s no door-knocking or time-wasting; it’s simple, convenient and fast.

Up-to-date expertise

Along with being FCA compliant, we can guarantee that every one of our team is ahead of the curve. We undergo full training with providers, and carry out our own internal training. We’re always clued-up on the latest market changes, plus we’ll regularly review your insurance policy to ensure it’s still suitable for you.

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